“Pinterest for Educators” Part 2: Upgrading your technical know-how.

by Priscilla Warren

dancing computerIt seems every month we are inundated with new technologies that are toted as being the new ‘must-have’ to make our lives that much easier. The speed at which technology is being created can be both exciting and confusing at the same time. Keeping up with those changes can seem somewhat daunting but I encourage you to explore what is out there that can assist you with teaching, learning and assessment.

large pinIn this blog, we will look at how Pinterest can become our personal library of ‘what’s new’ to try in our own teaching practice. On my Pinterest site I have created a special pinboard devoted to ‘new’ technologies that I have found online or within Pinterest. Seeing what other teachers have done inspires and challenges me to grow my knowledge and experience in this changing technological world of ours. Use these ideas as inspiration for your own board of technology inspirations.

On YouTube I found some excellent examples of teachers using technology in innovative ways that I had not considered using before. Twitter, blogs, skype and instagram were unheard of in my schooling days but can be used quite effectively in the class, as shown below.

pin pin

How to use: Blogging and Twitter with 6-7 year old’s in the classroom. Viewing time 4:07

pin pin

How to use: Skype in classrooms. Viewing time 5:55

instagram pic

pin pinHow to use: Instagram in classrooms. Website pinned to pinboard.


pin pinHow to use: YouTube in classrooms. Viewing time 4:04

Alongside YouTube clips, I also pinned some great sites that gave interesting ideas for ways to include technology into the classroom programme including: digital storytelling, free software tools, apps and blogs. These are only a small sample of what ‘goodies’ can be found online and filed away in your Pinterest site for further use.

digital storytellingpin pin
60 Sites for Digital storytelling Tools and Information. Website pinned to pinboard.


pin pin11 suggested apps for literacy station using ipad. Suitable for junior-middle primary. Website pinned to pinboard.


comic and caption apps pic

pin pinFree comic and caption apps. Could be used for digital storytelling or across curriculum. Pinned to pinboard.



pin pinCrossword puzzle maker – great to make topic based resources. Pinned to pinboard.


pin pin’41 Websites for teachers to integrate tech into your classroom’. This list has a little bit of everything, and will 41 websites pickick-start your effort to put technology into your lesson plans (eg) 10 Tech Alternatives to Book Reports. Pinned to pinboard.


As you can see, the Internet is your oyster (to borrow the phrase) and many types of media can be conveniently archived onto your Pinterest site. Having your own personalized ‘inspiration’ library can be that encouragement to step out and try something new for yourself and your students.feed bank pic

Join me in the final instalment of this “Pinterest for Educators” series where we will explore how depositing and withdrawing ideas in a participatory culture, adds to the collective knowledge of all educators.


Pinterest pictures attributed to: https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=images+pinterest+sign&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=709&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=6jtoVZfnFMuB8QXu84GgAg&ved=0CBsQsAQ#imgrc=_

Coin feeder gif attributed to: http://giphy.com/gifs/picture-meta-J4oZnTiHTDBzq


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