So you want to teach about ..

If you want to teach about fascinating, important and challenging topics like racism, sexism or homophobia, the media is a constant source of great teachable material. For example, barely a week goes by without examples appearing of racialised thinking.  Racial stereotypes are fairly easy to recognise but the challenge teachers face is how to effectively create the  conditions for deep learning and engagement to take place.

Many teachers have told me they want to teach about  and address critical topics that reinforce inequalities in society but they don’t feel they have enough background knowledge to do it confidently.  Hence the birth of this series of blogs — So you want to teach about ….

Each blog will address a different issue, providing background, examples and links to publicly accessible information. We hope that the information in them helps you achieve your teaching aims, as we work towards education that supports social justice, respect and valuing all forms of diversity.


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